Customer and each proposed Guarantor authorize Crossroads Equipment Lease & Finance, LLC (“Creditor”), and Creditor’s designee(s) and assignee(s), to request, obtain and use information (including business and personal credit reports) concerning Customer and similar information concerning each Guarantor, from credit reporting entities, current and former customers and creditors of Customer and/or Guarantor, and banking, trade and other credit references. Customer and each Guarantor authorize Creditor to share all information so obtained with its syndication partners, funding sources, and affiliates. Customer and each Guarantor authorize all information providers to provide to Creditor, its designees and assignees, all information within the scope of this authorization. This authorization extends to the original request for financing; to all updates, renewals, extensions, modifications, and reviews of such financing or any extension of further credit; and to all collections of any resulting account. This authorization remains in effect until all obligations of Customer are paid in full. By signature below, each signer affirms such signer’s identity as the individual named in the application.
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